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Bird scaring service with drones

We solve your bird problem for you!

Save time and money with our bird scaring service

Want to eliminate the bird problem without spending time on it?

We travel to your fields and scare the birds with our special drone solution. Our system is proven to keep birds away for longer periods than any other device.


And the best thing is? You don't need to lift a finger! Our professional pilots make sure there are no birds feeding on your crops or bothering your animals.


From 3 days per week


We cover all your specified fields

Service details


2x per day (morning - afternoon)


All kind of farms and plantations

UPDATE 21/04/23

Due to high demand only 3 drones are left available


Southern Denmark


No binding period

From 7.995 kr./month

Birds flying over agricultural farm land

Contact us to learn more and get a quote for your fields. No compromise or annoying calls.

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