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Switch from your old hunting rifle to a bird-scaring drone

We all know them; scarecrows set on the field that either are effective for a few days or not even at all.

Bird repelling techniques are often stationary or fluttering around, depending on how much wind is present. Their limited movement allows birds to adapt quickly, as they get to know in which area they're placed and which patterns they follow.

Therefore, scarecrows rarely work well, which means birds can move freely and feed from the fields' crops or attack the free-range farm animals. Farmers often have to take their trusty hunting rifle and go for hike days - either to scare them away for some time, or to regulate them when the regulations allow it, hoping that the flocks will stay away from the area.

Validated scaring effect

To get to the bottom of the problem, NAUST Robotics has developed a scare-drone that has proven effective in keeping birds away from your fields and animals. The drone has an in-built speaker that reproduces the own sound of the birds on the field, as one of their fellow species, spreading a warning signal to flee away. This method results in the most effective, as birds already recognize the sound of a weapon or cannon, but to hear a fellow bird screaming a warning to the rest of the flock works wonders. The farmers consider the combination of the flying device and the sounds the optimal solution.

The almost six-kilogram drone is an ideal device for animal farmers who check on their livestock daily, as they can as well deploy the drone and make sure the area is protected from uninvited intruders.

As a user of the drone, you can enter different routes and save them for another day, resulting in less than 1 minute time to put the drone on the field and have it flying with the sounds on.

With a bird-scaring drone from NAUST Robotics, you as a farmer can retire your hunting tools and instead take the drone on a trip. In addition to saving your time, animals, and crops - you also save the birds' life.

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