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Get started quickly and easily with a bird-scaring drone

Get rid of bird damage problems by quickly setting up Sigmund

For you as a farmer, a bird-scaring drone is the perfect solution for keeping your farms (whether livestock, cereal crops, or fruits) protected from wild bird attacks. Thanks to the integrated speaker, a custom-made design, and a controller to follow the routes and action from the live camera.

12 meters per second wind and rain are no problem for the 5,5 kg. flying scarecrow to maneuver in, as the drone itself regulates the movements to handle the wind. Compared to stationary devices, the scare-drone's patterns are difficult for birds to learn, which results in maximized scaring effectiveness and, even most importantly, longer intervals of time for the birds to come back to the fields.

But how do you actually get started with the bird-scaring drone?

1. Obtaining the drone certificate

A drone certificate is required, which can be obtained via an easy online test from the traffic authorities. We guide you on how to obtain it as well as help you with the materials to learn.

2. Unpacking

The drone is delivered in a well-protected case, including the controller, charger and user manual. Once on the fields, all you have to do is to set the drone on a flat surface, ready for take-off.

3. Route setup

On the very first use, the routes must be selected on the controller, which will show the map of the current location. By tapping on the desired flying spots, a route can be saved. Up to 50 routes can be stored on the controller, which will allow the user to select it at any time.

Alternatively, we prepare the farmers to fly the drone themselves, when desired.

4. Automatic operation

Once the route is selected, you as an operator can sit back and enjoy, as all that is required is simply visually check the drone while it performs the route, from take-off to landing.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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