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Cow farm bird scaring drone

NAUST Robotics help farmers achieve bigger profits from their crops, using less of their time, and in a sustainable and ethical way.

With the user in mind

We are an international team of highly skilled engineers, experts in designing and manufacturing drones for everyday use. Our team is commited to provide customers with reliable, effective products and exceptional customer service.

Our drone system was specifically designed not only to effectively scare away birds, but to provide a fast, user friendly solution for farmers. Our oldest customer was over 70 years old, who operated our drone with ease.

The Founding Story

It all started on a family farm in Hungary, where every year it was a race between the birds and the people to see who could grab the cherries first. So the relatives from Balázs (CEO) started joking that Balázs —being a drone engineer— should fly a drone and scare birds away from the fruit plantation.

However, after researching the topic, what initially seemed a joke resulted in a global problem causing huge losses to professional farmers. Current scaring techniques are outdated, and farmers can't find other methods to put a barrier to wild animals destroying the fields.

And so NAUST Robotics was born in the heart of Denmark, to provide remedy from birds all over the world. Our custom drone solution is the most effective method to keep birds away from agriculture, in an ethical way, without harm.

NAUST Robotics team
Bird scaring drone flight
SDG 2nd goal: Zero Hunger

We help farmers achieve higher yields by avoiding losses, right at the production.

SDG 12th goal: responsible consumption and production

Farmers don't need to rely on chemicals, hunting or other harmful methods to deter pests from the fields.

SDG 15th goal: Life on Land

Thanks to our custom, natural sounds, our drone is the least stressful method to protect crops from birds.

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