The problem we are solving

On average, 30% of the crops are lost each year due to bird damage, but this number can go up to 50-100% close to coastal areas. This means more than 370000 DKK / 100 Ha monetary loss annually.

Current scaring techniques such as stationary scarecrows and gas cannons are ineffective in the long run, as birds get used to them. This leaves farms exposed and threatened.

How does it work

Birds detection


After installation, our platform can detect incoming birds using cameras and image processing algorithms.

Drone deployment

Drone Launch / Operation

Upon detection, the drone is launched directly towards the birds, resulting in a natural predator behavior that birds can not adapt to.

Mobile application

Mobile Application

With the help of our mobile application, the platform can be accessed and the settings can be modified from anywhere, anytime. Later on, high quality, analyzed images can be obtained from the fields through the same application.

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