The ultimate farmer companion

We offer an autonomous drone platform for farmers to collect and analyze field data, minimize bird damage, and reduce the time spent on site.

Our solution provides a remedy for the following problems:

Protecting crops

On average, 10-30% of the yield is lost due to bird damage. Current scaring techniques are inefficient, as birds get used to it.

Collecting data

Detecting illnesses, lack of nutrition, or the moisture level of the field is a critical step. However, periodically inspecting all crops is a laborious and complex task.


Since large areas can not be protected effectively, undesired animals and intruders may enter the field.

Platform features

Our product effectively covers the main areas of inspection tasks, while also scaring birds and other animals off the field. Thanks to the completely autonomous platform and the accompanying mobile application, you can start the device and gather field data from the comfort of your home.

Completely autonomous operation
Weather proof
features gif
Battery swapping system
Power independent solution

How does it work?

Obtain up-to-date information about the crops any time, anywhere

Using our web-based application, you can schedule periodic flights or deploy the drone when desired. Besides a computer generated route that covers the selected area, it is also possible to manually select waypoints, targeting specific areas of the field. Due to the autonomous operation, the drone does not require supervision. After flights, the processed images and analysis results are available through the application.