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Bird scaring drone


Keep your crops safe from bird damage with Sigmund, the bird scaring drone with integrated speakers

The most effective method to scare birds away

Sigmund is equipped with integrated speakers that reproduce alarm calls, which birds perceive as dangerous and immediately leave the area.

This technique is not only proven to be the most effective method, but it also keeps away birds for longer periods than conventional techniques.

The combination of different sounds and flying routes prevent adaptation from the birds, which feel threatened every time.

Step 1: Set the drone on the field

Place the drone on a flat surface on your affected fields, ready for take-off

Drone on agricultural field

Step 2: Select flying route

Select a flying route on the controller or tap manually the desired flying locations

Step 3: Launch the drone

Press start and let the drone automatically perform the route.

Remote controller for agricultural drone
Drone flying in agriculture

How does it work?

Why Sigmund?


The combination of sounds, a flying device, and random routes results in the most effective repelling method. Even after several months of use on the same location.


Due to its longer repelling effect, birds will remain out of the fields for several days, saving you many hours and trips to check the status of the crops.


In addition, you can cover multiple hectares of fields in a matter of minutes, instead of walking or driving personally to each bird location.


No previous drone knowledge is required. Sigmund is developed to be used by everyone, and it can be set up in less than 2 minutes.

Want to know more?

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Poultry farmer with drone

Martin Daasbjerg

(Poultry farmer)

"The drone flies nearly every day now. I'm very happy with it"

Pig farmer with drone

Niels Schelde Jensen

(Freerange pig farmer)

"It works really good. I can see it makes a difference"

Customer testimonials

  • Can it fly in rain and wind?
    Yes! Sigmund is built to withstand weather. It can fly in both rain and snow. Heavy wind is also not a problem, its powerful motors can handle up to 12 m/s wind speed!
  • Will birds get used to it over time?
    Birds are smart and after some time adapt to any kind of static device. However, Sigmund is a dynamic device flying in the sky, playing different sounds, and using different routes and times. We simulate the behavior of birds of prey, to trigger the survival instinct from birds. The combination of these 3 factors make it too dangerous and unpredictable for birds to get used to. Customer experiences also show that after using the drone, birds stay away from the fields for longer, and even after repetitive use, they won't come back to the fields for several days.
  • How much area can it cover?
    Sigmund can fly for 30+ minutes before having to charge the battery. If we would track the distance that he can cover with that it would result in more than 6 km on a straight line!
  • Do I need a certificate to fly the drone?
    Yes. In Denmark, you need to pass an easy online test consisting of 20 questions. We provide you the materials and knowledge required to pass it and you have multiple trials. In other countries please check with your local regulations or contact us so we can provide information.
Geese on farm

Respectful with the fauna

Sigmund is limited to playing bird sounds, and in no way aims to harm the animals. Research shows that bird sounds are the most effective, but least stressful method to lead them back to natural areas. Current techniques include hunting, poisoning or using disturbing noises, whereas NAUST Robotics wants to offer a more humane solution for bird control.

Read the founder story:

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